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We live & breathe data science

We’re building the data layer for industrial equipment, powering novel machine learning methods.

Our platform and set of models make the world safer and more efficient. We believe this mission is best achieved by building a world-class data science and software engineering team.

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We’re hiring software engineers, machine learning researchers, and data analysts to join our team in the Boston area. We value creativity, strong work ethic, and good nature. As a growing company, team members have broad areas of responsibility and opportunities abound.

There are a few core ways to add value and hit the ground running:

If you want to do software engineering:

Building our infrastructure, improving our API, or implementing our core web and mobile applications, apply for our Infrastructure Engineer, Back End Engineer, Web Application Developer, or Mobile Application Developer positions.


If you want to design, develop, and implement machine learning models:

Apply for our Machine Learning Engineer or Data Engineer positions. For the former, we are looking for team members who have experience in academic machine learning research, preferably at a doctoral level. For our Data Engineering positions, we are looking for technical team members experienced with both data analysis and working directly with customers.