Our Company

Behind our Industrial AI

We deliver machine learning results and a comprehensive view of your asset data, all via an easy-to-use and secure web application.

Our mission

We use artificial intelligence to make the machines that power the world safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

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Your machine learning models and software outperform all other approaches we've considered, significantly reducing maintenance costs.
- VP Asset Management, IPP
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Our Values

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Think like a customer

We are hyper-focused on value delivery. With all deployments of our technology, we map model output to value creation, ensuring investments in the technology, new data sources, and advances in machine learning modeling all drive excellent returns.

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Work as a team player

We operate as a tight-knit team across each of our offices and in the remote environment. Our  collaboration, competitive drive, and team-spirit enable us to deliver best-in-class technology to our customers.

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Communicate openly

We are open in communication internally and externally. We avoid “black box” analytics and software infrastructure, engaging with our customers as partners. When possible, we share our technology and results in technical papers, blog posts, and open source code.

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Pull your weight

Everyone on the team creates value and supports their teammates in achieving our company mission. We strive every day to achieve our company mission: making equipment around the world safer, more efficient, and more reliable.

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Push yourself

Personal improvement and learning is core to our individual identities on the team. We share knowledge and experiences through lunch & learn sessions, data science reading groups, and paper publications & conference presentations.

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Make things happen

We believe we can bring new technologies to market, creating immense value for our customers and for the world. Everyone on the team has a “roll up your sleeves” mentality, inventing new solutions and driving toward our company objectives every day.

Our Technology

Secure Data Pipeline

Our pipeline integrates any equipment data type. Using fast, iterative processing and automated cleaning, our pipeline provides readily accessible summaries of your equipment data.

Powerful Machine Learning

We built our analytics engine around extensive and proprietary R&D. Tagup's technology enables you to predict equipment failure, degradation, or other critical events.

Intuitive User Application

We designed our web application to be intuitive and streamlined. See real-time operating data and analytics summary for a single asset or an entire fleet.

Build the future of industry.

Whether you have top data science skills,  hands-on industry experience, or are a recent grad, we have a position for you.