AI for the Department of Defense

Optimize Fleet Readiness with AI-Driven Event Prediction

With Tagup, defense decision makers can fully access, leverage, and utilize asset data for AI-based decision support. Optimize inventory, forecast sustainment costs, and predict asset maintenance and risk failure to improve life cycle management.

AI tools from Tagup enable the warfighter to understand failure risk across each asset in their organic equipment set, providing AI-based decision support to help  improve readiness posture, forecast sustainment needs, and optimize mission success with advanced asset health, maintenance, and supply models.
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Tagup Machine Learning Capabilities

Leverage Aggregated Data
With Tagup Manifest, the warfighter can now easily access asset data records in one place, aggregating information from multiple sources, including name plate data, SCADA/sensor measurements, environmental data, maintenance records, and more, to make accurately-informed decisions affecting deployed combat power.
Predict Critical Events
Using Foresight by Tagup, defense personnel can leverage machine learning-powered forecasts and predictions that provide insight into asset downtime, failure, and maintenance needs — estimate asset needs at accurate times, prevent in-service failure, and generate savings.
Maximize Fleet Readiness
By leveraging machine learning models and equipment data in its most robust form, commanders gain the power of AI-based decision support to optimize fleet readiness.

Cohesive Data for Operators & Maintainers

Interact with your asset data from a single robust platform allowing you to gain insight into forecasted asset downtime and scheduled maintenance.
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Create a consolidated data record within one source by allowing users to easily log and update information in a singular location
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Effectively and efficiently plan and execute maintenance based on accurate data for usage and machine learning analytics
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Support decision makers by providing accurate and improved supply chain  information
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Proactive Data Management for Logistic and Supply Specialists

Ensure your supply chain personnel have the most up-to-date information on asset health and parts management allowing for optimal maintenance scheduling and parts demand forecasting.
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Source the right parts at the right time by leveraging machine learning models that predict asset and parts demand based on historical data
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Optimize inventory planning for deployment with accurate forecasts, reducing wasted resources by having only what’s needed on hand at all times
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Gain insight into your entire fleet of assets and ensure they’re consistently ready for combat

Optimized Readiness Information for Defense Leadership

Commanders can now strategically leverage critical asset data within their formations to lead their companies, take charge of tactical operations, and integrate every piece of asset data  required for better decision making and improved fleet vision.
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Accurately predict readiness posture across every asset in your system
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Optimize forecasts and prioritize asset needs by proactively predicting asset maintenance before an asset failure
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Reduce scarce deployment platform requirements for parts
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Maximize combat power by accurately forecasting unit needs based on data histories
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At Tagup, we understand the need to keep data secure and confidential. Tagup has implemented robust security policies that comply with industry standards and has undergone some of the most rigorous regulatory requirements to maintain data security.

Unlock event prediction for your defense assets

The warfighter can now consolidate equipment data in one place, use cutting edge machine learning models to prioritize inspections or maintenance, and avoid mismanagement of assets and parts. Tagup bolts on to your existing data systems, making data collection and analyses easier than ever.

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