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Infantry wins battles, logistics wins wars.
General John J. Pershing, Commander of American
Expeditionary Forces, WWI
AI-based logistics to maximize combat power and mission success
Logistics can mean the difference between success and failure on the battlefield. Our technology boosts combat power without increasing costs and personnel.
Improve force readiness
Ensure our forces have the materiel they need where and when they need it
Specify inventory levels that will maximize readiness and combat effectiveness for a given level of budget
Decrease on-hand inventory while achieving the same out the door readiness
Assess current readiness based on real-time block composition and inventory on-hand
Predict future readiness based on
troop deployments, exercises, lead times of due-in items, and expiration dates
Anticipate sustainment requirements for prepositioned materiel
Increase budget efficiency
Optimize costs and get the most out of your budget
Move from costly “just-in-case” inventory approach to cost-effective "just-in-time" approach
Prevent overstocking and underutilization of materiel
Minimize waste and infer expiration dates of replenishment materiel yet to be ordered
Unlock capital for next best use by dynamically right-sizing inventory
Increase readiness for the same level of expenditure
Enhance productivity
Maximize operational excellence and ensure optimal allocation of resources
Make quicker and more informed decisions to streamline operations and conserve manpower
Minimize staff time devoted to manual tasks such as managing data or placing orders for materiel, freeing personnel to focus on mission-essential tasks
Enhance workload planning by guiding decision-making on where to focus warehouse labor
Remove the uncertainty of planning what work needs to be completed in a certain period
Identify which blocks should be replenished given constraints around limited manpower or time
Accelerate decision-making
Make faster, more informed decisions based on data-driven insights to adapt to today’s dynamic operational environment
Access formerly siloed transactional data on unified platform, ensuring you have the information you need to make faster, more informed decisions
Shorten the observe-orient-decide-act (OODA) loop
Evaluate the tradeoff between budget, manpower, and readiness across the supply chain
Simulate outcomes based on key inputs to assess the strategic implications of supply decisions
Determine optimal materiel location under uncertainty, including supply chain disruptions and adversarial activity
Empower rapid decision making for deploying the best blocks on-hand within the requested time frame
Solutions built on results
increase in readiness
reduction in inventory costs
increase in logistician productivity
Hear directly from
our customers
Holy s***. What you just did [in two clicks and fifteen seconds] takes me two weeks.
This particular application would do wonders for any of those commodities that are planning to do these deployments to maximize our survivability.
Chief Warrant Officer 4, 3rd LAR Bn
Oh hell yes. When the MEU [Marine Expeditionary Unit] goes out, the Mobilization Planner provides the kind of data that the supply battalion needs.
U.S. Marine Corps Captain
Brothers, Tagup is worth your time! … Think of this as a tool to help you select the right equipment for deployments and project consumable and SECREP [Secondary Reparables] requirements in order to sustain said equipment.
Chief Warrant
Officer 4, BMO
A trusted partner
for the military
Data security is at the core of our business. Tagup complies with leading industry standards and has undergone some of the most rigorous regulatory requirements to maintain data security.
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Transform defense logistics with Al
Throughout the strategic, operational and tactical continuum, the logistics community can now use cutting edge machine learning models to maximize readiness, budget efficiency, 
and productivity. Get in touch to see how Tagup can help you achieve next-generation defense logistics.
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