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Prioritize inspections, streamline maintenance, and avoid unplanned downtime. All with our cutting-edge AI.

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Delivering Machine Intelligence

AI-Enabled Asset Management

Create a unified history of your equipment from disparate data sources. Apply groundbreaking machine learning methods developed by our team and proven in the field.

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Technical Capabilities

A 360º view of your equipment

Event Prediction
Accurately model time until key events, such as equipment failure or performance degradation.
Anomaly Detection
State estimate algorithms help identify unusual equipment operation, suggesting corrective actions.
Mode Classification
Detect equipment operating states to pinpoint issues and optimize maintenance planning.
Process Optimization
Continually learning models improve equipment operations, enabling you to see more output for a given level of input.
Equipment Simulation
Understand how events affect your equipments’ health and operation via effective state simulation.
Custom Control
Incorporate your own calculations and metrics into our data pipeline—enabling a high degree of customizability.

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To quantify your value creation opportunity, we can initiate product deployments with low-risk and rapidly deployed Proof of Concept projects.
Technical Assessment
Receive initial insights and use cases with Tagup's technology .
Identify Available Data
Outline Technical Objective
Define Success Criteria
Model Development
Train and validate models on available data.
Wrangle Data
Train & Validate Models
SME Feedback
Value & Deployment
Establish the value proposition and deployment strategy.
Value Creation Modeling
Application Access
Model Improvements
Case Study

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Discover the future of asset management

Consolidate all your equipment data in one place and use cutting-edge machine learning to prioritize inspections or maintenance and avoid unplanned downtime.

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