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Partner program

We’re on a mission to make the machines that power the world safer, more reliable, and more efficient. Join our global ecosystem of manufacturers, system integrators, and channel partners as we shape the future of industrial AI.

Why partner with Tagup?

A partnership with Tagup means you have the opportunity to sell a proven, end-to-end industrial AI platform customized to create the most value for your customers.

Drive new revenue

Create recurring income streams in the form of referral fees or white-labeling of Tagup products.

Expand service offerings

Leverage our novel machine learning technology to reach more customers and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Create more value for customers

Help clients achieve sustainability goals, reduce costs, maximize operational efficiency, and improve equipment reliability.

Partner types

OEM Partner

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) aim to add AI features to their products and sell them under their own brands through their sales networks. These partners manage all aspects of sales and customer service, ensuring total control over customer interactions and how their brands are represented.

Integration Partner

Full-service control systems integrators specialize in creating, applying, and watching over equipment and systems. A Master Systems Integrator (MSI) provides various vital services like engineering, programming, and support to clients. They act as trusted advisors, selling and managing the implementation of Tagup products.

Channel Partner

Channel partners sell Tagup products and work together with Tagup during installation. They also have access to many sales and marketing tools, helping them to build and improve their customer relationships.

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Tagup has saved a significant percentage of cooling energy at a local, longstanding South Philadelphia hospital. The deployment was quick and seamless and the savings were immediate. The results have been independently verified and have helped reduce the building’s net operating expenses and emissions. Tagup has been great to work with and we are working on deploying their technology at other buildings.
Jay Handmer
Jay Handmer
Director of UMS, CMVP, Ecosave
A large industrial machine with pipes
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