Reduce HVAC  Operating Costs by 20% or More

Beacon autonomously optimizes control settings to maximize your building's energy savings and decarbonization.

How Beacon Works

The math isn’t simple, the data isn’t simple, and the science isn’t simple. But with Beacon by Tagup, cooling optimization is as easy as 1-2-3.

  • Integrate with your existing building automation (BAS) or management system (BMS)
  • Ingest live data for any relevant variable impacting your building’s energy consumption
  • Beacon dynamically adjusts setpoints based on real-time, real-world conditions to maximize cost savings and emissions reductions

See Value in Weeks

“We’ve seen a meaningful reduction in our system costs. The setpoint recommendations are easy to interpret and implement. We’re looking forward to seeing how the system improves further over time.”
- Facilities HVAC Engineer

in utility savings
improvement in plant efficiency
reduction in CO2e emissions
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Minimize Cooling Costs

Optimizing cooling system efficiency can reduce energy and water costs by as much as 30% without impacting building comfort.

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Reduce Environmental Impact

Minimize your carbon footprint and avoid fines from building emissions limitations, like Local Law 97.

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Maximize Return on Investment

Beacon ensures maximum savings with continuous learning and optimization that improves over time.

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The Problem

Commercial HVAC systems are often the largest contributors to energy use in large buildings. This challenge plagues business owners and building operators alike. Nuanced relationships among complex system components and dynamic external factors can lead to unpredictable system performance.

Our Solution

Beacon leverages your existing HVAC equipment data and external data like weather and load to achieve autonomous controls optimization for your chiller plants, water-source heat pumps, and cooling towers - experience dramatic reductions in energy consumption and utility costs, all powered by machine learning.
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Beacon Capabilities

Accurately  Model Your Existing Cooling System
With a steady flow of cooling system sensor data, we leverage well-established machine learning models to simulate the behaviors of your system given any control settings, cooling load, and weather conditions.
ML-Powered Optimization Strategies
With integrated utility rates, Beacon can forecast operating costs to within ±1%, enabling the selection of optimal performance setpoints that minimize costs throughout your entire cooling system.
Flexible Controls Implementation to Suit Your System
Send  HVAC operators optimized control settings or opt for autonomous optimization and let Beacon ensure system efficiency.
Maximize the Value of Your Cooling System Data
See real-time performance metrics and organize your cooling data to tell a compelling story—create powerful visualizations within the Tagup app or export your data and analytics to platforms like Power BI or Excel.

Realize Immediate Savings with Beacon

Ensure Quick Deployment
Beacon connects to your current cooling system with ease—no costly downtime necessary. Our software begins mapping your cooling system within a day.
Learn Current Cooling System Performance
At the start of your risk-free deployment period, Beacon studies and analyzes your HVAC cooling system’s performance tendencies.
Optimize Control Setpoints
Recognize immediate savings as Beacon deploys improved setpoints. After establishing a baseline, Tagup uses machine learning models to create and implement an optimized setpoint strategy.
Enable Continuous Improvement
Beacon improves continuously by learning from historical performance and real-time observational data. Through Beacon, you can maximize every opportunity for cooling system savings and performance.
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Get Started

Rapid Deployment,
Immediate Savings,
Autonomous HVAC Optimization.

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