Next Level Cooling System Performance with Artificial Intelligence

Lower your cooling costs and carbon emissions by 20% with Beacon by Tagup.
Reduction in Cooling Costs
Reduction in Carbon Emissions
Payback Period

Beacon Application Capabilities

System Modeling
Accurate modeling of cooling system operation, including hourly forecasts of electricity and water consumption.

Economic Optimization
Economic optimization across chillers, cooling towers, pumps, and other asset classes to provide peak system performance for a given set of inputs.

Configurable KPIs
Summary views for a single asset, per cooling loop, over an entire facility, or across a property portfolio. This includes configurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and detailed tabular views.

Export consolidated data
Easily export system data, including machine learning model outputs, via Excel, CSV, or programmatically via API.

Realize Savings Immediately with Beacon

Install in Minutes
Beacon connects to your cooling system with our turnkey process. Our team will quickly deploy Beacon and confirm data is being sent from your building to Tagup.

Baseline System Performance
Beacon accurately forecasts energy demand within 1%. Once baseline operation is established, Tagup deploys our machine learning models to create an optimized setpoint strategy.

Optimize Control Setpoints
Beacon deploys optimized setpoints  and savings begin. Stakeholders access live data on electrical, water, and carbon emissions savings compared to baseline operations via Beacon's web-based dashboard.

Improve Continually
Beacon improves continuously by learning from historical performance and implementing additional efficiencies into the optimized setpoint strategy. The savings your building achieves with Beacon continue to increase over time.

We’ve seen a meaningful reduction in our system costs. The setpoint recommendations are easy to interpret and implement. We’re looking forward to seeing how the system improves further over time.
- Facilities HVAC Engineer
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