AI for Wind Energy

Leverage predictive analytics for wind turbine management

Tagup’s machine learning-powered tools enable wind farms to minimize unplanned downtime and reduce O&M costs, resulting in increased revenue and decreased LCOE.

AI tools from Tagup allow wind farm operators, engineers, and data scientists to optimize maintenance, minimize downtime, and get value out of their wind turbine data. Tagup provides predictive analytics for decision support that improves wind farm operational efficiency.
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Tagup Machine Learning Capabilities

Gain Data Insights

Aggregate wind turbine data to create consolidated records and leverage machine learning models that enable your teams with predictive analytics. Your insights are turned into better decision making to improve the safety, reliability, and operational efficiency of wind farms.

Detect Anomalies

Tagup's machine learning libraries provide insight into unusual operation and equipment faults enabling users to prioritize maintenance events by rapidly identifying and reviewing irregularities.  

Predict Maintenance Events

Operators and engineers can easily leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence to predict critical events such as unplanned maintenance in order to prevent turbine failure. Predictive analytics saves you O&M dollars and unplanned downtime.

Integrated Data Systems for Wind Turbine Engineers

Engineers have difficulty analyzing and reporting fleet performance, struggling to consolidate data streams. Tagup makes accessing data easy.
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Access cleaned and consolidated wind turbine data streams to understand operational KPIs across your fleet
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Benefit from predictive analytics to determine which part of the turbine requires maintenance before failure occurs
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Identify turbines with the largest failure liability and perform maintenance ahead of schedule to maximize the return on O&M investment
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Accessible Analytics for Energy Data Scientists

Understanding, experimenting on, and measuring current wind turbine data is a common struggle for data scientists in the energy sector. Tagup streamlines data integration and the ability to get value out of your data.
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Improve methods for experimentation and model deployment
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Easily query data across the entire install base utilizing structured data and leverage Tagup's application to visualize data interrogation
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Directly connect model outputs to business value for wind farms by understanding where to focus efforts

Optimized Turbine Data for Wind Power Generation

Predicting a failure and intervening in time to prevent costly damage is a challenge for wind farm managers who don’t have access to real-time wind turbine data and analytics from a single, robust platform.
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Use machine learning to optimize maintenance planning by comparing event vs intervention costs
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Minimize OPEX by forecasting risk across multiple wind turbines throughout your portfolio
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Discover predictive analytics for your wind turbines

Tagup has invested in utilizing big data and analytics at both the farm and fleet level to optimize wind turbine asset management and reduce O&M costs.

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