Harness Data. Predict Failure.

We deliver machine learning results and a comprehensive view of your asset data, all via an easy-to-use and secure web application.

Our Technology

Next Generation
Asset Management

Data Management

Our scalable data pipeline combines data from multiple sources and creates a consolidated history of your assets.

Machine Learning

Our analytics engine provides a robust event detection and prediction system from your assets' operational history.

Web Application

Access, analyze, and explore all of your asset data and analytical models via our secure  web application.
Data Pipeline

Equipment Data Fusion

Our pipeline unifies any equipment data type. Using fast, iterative processing and intelligent algorithms, our technology summarizes all your equipment data.

Data Source Support
Easily integrate asset data from any number of sources. Valid data types include sensor measurements, maintenance and inspection records, ERP data, and unstructured data such as audio or photo files, among many others.
Continuous Data Extraction
The pipeline supports continuous data extraction from a variety of third-party sources, including OSI PI, Senseware, Maximo, eWON, FTP servers, AWS S3 buckets, SQL databases, and more. The extraction service supports both real-time and historical data extraction, with real-time ingress at frequencies as high as once per second.
Secure & Scalable Data Access
Your data scientists, maintenance engineers, and other authorized users may access your clean and consolidated equipment data via RESTful API. Enable powerful internal applications and workflows with continually updated, easily accessed equipment data from across your business.
Analytics Engine

Deploy Analytics at Scale

Our analytics engine is built around extensive internal AI R&D. It enables you to predict equipment failure, degradation, or other events of interest. It also continually monitors real-time data to classify the operating mode and identify impending issues.

Immediate, Actionable Results
Our analytics engine is built around an event detection and prediction system that uses the operating history of an asset to estimate when events (such as failures or issues) have occurred, when they will occur, and how exogenous actions and events can impact those probabilities.
Extensible and Accessible Tech
Our AI libraries can be deployed out of the box or can be used by your internal teams to augment existing production data science workflows. We also provide a hosted Jupyter environment to easily explore model tools and results.
Web Application

Complete Equipment Data Access, 24/7

Our responsive web application makes it easy for you to see the real-time operating data and analytics summary for a single asset or an enormous asset fleet, wherever you happen to be.

A Single Digital Interface
The web application provides you secure access to all tracked equipment data. Work orders, reports, log entries, maintenance records, sensor measurements, and alarms can all be viewed easily from your phone or computer.
Alerts & Notifications
Alerts can be configured to notify you (or any number of your colleagues or customers) when something is amiss. Easily set up SMS or email notifications for any condition on any equipment data stream or analytics output.
Security First Architecture
We are uncompromising in data security. Data is encrypted end-to-end. All data is maintained on SOC 1/2/3 and ISO 9001/27001 compliant infrastructure.
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