Artificial Intelligence for safer, more reliable, and more efficient equipment.

Our software enables you to optimize your equipment data, decisions, and operations.

Reduce risk. Improve reliability. Increase efficiency.

Increased asset availability
Reduction in operating costs
Months procurement minimum lead times
Reduced excess parts inventory

Create more value from your equipment data.

Tagup integrates your equipment data to create a consolidated equipment record and applies field-validated machine learning to:

✔️ Predict equipment failure, performance degradation, and other critical events.

✔️ Identify anomalous operations for an individual asset or across a system, without having to explicitly program alarms.

✔️ Optimize set point and control strategies around target business outcomes.

Generating business outcomes from your existing data.

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Harness data

Machine learning

Real-time Insight, 24/7

Industries we serve


Preventative Maintenance

Identify priority assets for replacement and rate case planning. Inform risk buy down calculations by incorporating SCADA and asset-specific data.

Building Systems

Building Systems
Controls Optimization

From industrial facilities to office buildings, reduce your organization's carbon footprint and energy costs by optimizing control strategies with our optimization module.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas
Risk Management

Accurately model and predict production disruptions due to equipment failure, incorporating economic factors to minimize failure liability.


Capacity Planning

Identify performance issues and predict downtime events for OPEX planning. An operations and maintenance module provides AI-based decision support.


Supply & Readiness Support

Improve readiness posture, forecast sustainment needs, and improve mission success with advanced asset health, maintenance, and supply models.


Asset Management

Complete visibility into asset performance across the plant. Identify equipment that needs inspection or maintenance via risk modeling.

See value in weeks with a risk free deployment.

We guarantee the performance of our machine learning models: if the models don't deliver business value, there is no cost via our "Risk Free Deployment" program.

Week 1

Data Assessment

Review your available equipment data, sources, and prediction targets with our data engineering team.

Week 2-3

Application Delivery

Explore your consolidated equipment data and model outputs via our user application and API.

Week 3-4

Value Quantification

Prove business value by evaluating model performance against predetermined validation criteria.

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Discover the future of Industrial AI.

Create a consolidated record of your equipment data and drive more value from that data. How can machine learning increase your equipment safety, efficiency, and reliability? Get in touch for a no-risk discussion of capabilities and data requirements.

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