AEE World Conference & Expo

Recapping Our Trip to AEE World 2023

AEE World Conference & Expo, organized by the Association of Energy Engineers, is an annual event that brings together energy and sustainability professionals from around the globe to network, learn about the latest technologies, and discuss best practices and innovative solutions for managing and optimizing energy systems. 

We sent an expert team down to exhibit and share some of the work we are doing, leveraging artificial intelligence to optimize commercial HVAC systems for energy efficiency, sustainability, and operating cost reductions. Among them included our Lead Data Scientist, Robert, our Director of Sales, Eric, and Account Executive, Avery.

Energy managers know that the majority of their facility’s energy consumption stems from HVAC operations. Tagup’s machine learning software, Beacon, makes buildings more efficient by autonomously optimizing HVAC performance. It connects to the building automation system via an edge gateway or as a simple software integration, then dynamically adjusts control settings based on real-time, real-world conditions. This means the system will run at peak efficiency—minimizing energy consumption at all times.

There is a clear and present need for this kind of solution, as our booth was a hub of activity for the duration of AEE World. There was a constant stream of interested prospects, potential partners, and previous connections stopping by to learn about Beacon, chat about HVAC optimization, AI’s role in the future of energy, and more. 

There was also a strong international presence, with attendees from more than 60 different countries. We spoke to energy professionals from Canada to South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France, and more.

Some key takeaways

While AI is still finding its place in the HVAC and energy engineering space, there is a huge potential to educate and communicate its specific applications and benefits. The atmosphere allowed for in-depth conversations, extending beyond our optimization product to include discussions on fault detection, anomaly detection, and our experiences working with various industries. 

The connections we made at AEE World are quickly developing into relationships, with follow-up meetings already being held. We are already looking forward to next year’s event!

Tagup at AEE (left to right): Robert Lauer - Lead Data Scientist, Avery MacMullen - Account Executive, Eric O'Neill - Director of Sales

Ben Keylor
Ben Keylor
Sr. Content Manager
November 1, 2023