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The Challenge of T&D Reliability

Regulated utilities are responsible for powering our systems and our society. To maintain safe and reliable energy systems, operators and analysts must synthesize millions of data points to make decisions that are equally smart and swift. Fires, floods, and other extreme weather conditions leave even the most fortified grids vulnerable to failure.

AI Solutions for T&D

Tagup software quickly integrates data from a variety of sources to drive AI models that assess risk and predict critical asset events, enabling large-scale energy systems to be more predictable, reliable, and efficient.
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Key Capabilities

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Prevent In-Service Failures Across Your Install Base

Combine and consolidate heterogeneous data types including metadata, time series data, and work orders to create a clear picture of each asset in your system. Leverage these consolidated records to apply machine learning analytics that quickly diagnose the contributing factors to asset failure over time.

Leverage a deep understanding of each asset’s remaining useful life (RUL) to identify vulnerabilities in your system, and make maintenance efforts more efficient. Avoid catastrophic failures and subsequent system damages—build a more reliable grid with the power of AI.

Improved Inspection Processes

Gain the data-driven awareness you need to manage your assets with intelligence, precision, and speed. Diagnose the health of each asset in your grid, and use that information to prioritize your assets for a more streamlined inspection process. Overcome predictable system failures and execute vital preventative maintenance measures with Tagup.
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Intelligent Procurement Support

Combine asset data with machine learning models—gain actionable insights you can use to optimize your inventory and your budget. By knowing what assets are prone to fail and when, you can ensure you have the right equipment where it's needed to anticipate and meet demand. Take the guesswork out of your procurement strategy.

Reliability Obstacles

Difficult to pinpoint asset health and forecast future asset failure.

Procurement lead times are a bottleneck waiting to happen.

Responsible for hundreds of systems and thousands of assets, failure to any component could be catastrophic.

Tagup Intelligence

Determine asset health and RUL with the speed and precision of AI.

Use digital twin technology to analyze future asset needs and secure inventory in advance.

Tagup software is deployable and scalable across systems, uniting your asset management and reliability systems in one user-friendly place.

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With a complete picture of your system, you can optimize your procurement strategies, maximize inspection effectiveness, and minimize in-service failures.

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